How Top Notch nutrition
Can Help you on your
Wellness Journey

If you’ve recently begun a journey to good health, or as we like to call it “wellness,” you may be looking for support. Where do you find this guidance? Support and guidance are not only needed in the beginning, but also on tough days where you struggle…and even on the successful days when you want to celebrate your wins!

Top Notch Nutrition consists of a few different components: supplements and products, websites (Top Notch Nutrition and Live Top Notch), full of information about health and wellness, and social media communities where support is always available. There are so many ways that Top Notch Nutrition can help you on your wellness journey.

1. Community – we have a strong community of people on our Facebook page at Top Notch Nutrition and Instagram (@topnotchnutrition). We also established a group on Facebook called “Team Top Notch,” which has created a community of people from all over the world looking to become healthier versions of themselves. In these communities, questions are answered, recipes are shared, struggles are understood, and wins are celebrated! On Facebook, we do LIVE Q&A’s, share recipes through Top Notch Kitchen, post polls for feedback. . . and so much more! On Instagram you’ll see stories and info about our day… what meals we’re eating, things we’re working on, etc.

Team Top Notch

2. Support – through these communities, there is so much support! The people that are part of these pages and groups are so helpful. Top Notch Nutrition is always there to answer questions, share our experiences, and give support. . . but the greater community is so amazing to be part of! We love seeing people try new recipes, ask each other questions, and of course, make those connections toward a stronger future. Join our email list to receive updates, latest news, specials on our products, inspiration and behind the scenes info about Top Notch Nutrition!


3. Free Keto Kickstart – At Top Notch Nutrition it is our mission to make sure you have success on the keto diet! That is why we offer a FREE 90-page Keto Kickstart E-book. There is so much information circulating out there about the Keto Diet, that it can become confusing and overwhelming to think about getting started. The Keto Diet is actually very simple, but it is crucial to understand it to ensure that you will succeed!! That is why we created Keto Kickstart, to get you started off on the right foot… teaching you everything from A-Z about the Keto Diet in an easy-to-read format! Head on over to Keto Kickstart and claim your free E-book!


4. Nutrition over Diets – in our experience, focusing on the quality of nutrition over a “diet” provides much better results. We try to support our community through LIVE Q&A sessions where we tackle the many different aspects of nutrition. We recognize that each person will respond differently so we try to help you find what works best for your body.

5. Recipes and Resources – As mentioned above Live Top Notch has a plethora of information about health and wellness. This website is updated constantly with articles and recipes to help you on your wellness journey. You can find Keto recipes, collagen recipes, recipes for snacks, dressings, desserts, etc. You also have access to articles about packaged foods, sweeteners, coffee, supplements, health issues (gut, skin, etc.), Keto dieting and so much more!

top notch nutrition

6. Products You Can Trust – Top Notch Nutrition’s motto is “if we won’t take it, we won’t make it.” Which means that we work hard to make our products with natural ingredients and at the highest quality because we strive to put nothing but the best in our bodies and want you to also! Let’s look at some qualities of our products:

  • Nothing artificial – you will not find anything artificial in any of the products we’ve created. We will not compromise on this; everything must be natural, or it doesn’t go into our products.
  • Custom formulations – we look at how we can maximize the supplements we create. For example, Hydrate was made as an electrolyte supplement but we added BCAAs, vitamin C, glutamine, coconut water powder and pink Himalayan salt to ensure proper hydration from the best sources. Another example is our Super Collagen Protein. Instead of just making collagen, we added a Tri-Fat blend to make sure that this supplement provides the benefits of healthy fats too! We work hard to make not only the highest quality supplements but those that give the body the maximum benefit.
  • Third-party tested – all our products are manufactured in a Good Manufacturing Practices compliant and FDA-inspected facility to ensure the highest quality product for our customers. Top Notch Nutrition uses only the highest quality ingredients and third-party test all our products to ensure quality.
  • Made through personal experience – as mentioned above, Super Collagen Protein is made with not only collagen but a blend of MCT powder, grass fed butter powder and avocado powder (this is the Tri-Fat Blend). This product came about from Bethany’s personal experience with taking both collagen and healthy fats. From the improvement in her overall health, they realized that putting these together in one product was the perfect match and would provide amazing benefits!

7. Top Notch Guarantee and Customer Service – we pride ourselves on customer service. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know. We always appreciate feedback and input from our customers. We also have a 30-day 100% money back guarantee, which applies to any product on the first order. We want you to be able to try any product risk free. We ask that you give the product a 14-day trial but if you use it for that timeframe and still want to return it, please reach out to us (before 30 days) and we will take care of it!


At Top Notch Nutrition we often say, “we’re nutrition on a mission,” which to us, means that we want to see you succeed more than anything! Our goal is to help as many people as possible by giving guidance and advice based on our experience and knowledge. We know that helping one person can trickle down to others in their lives and the web of stronger, healthier, happier people just grows and grows! We invite you, if you haven’t already, to join us!

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