Easy Chocolate Collagen Fudge

Easy Chocolate Collagen Fudge



  1. Stir together melted coconut oil with almond butter and maple syrup until combined
  2. Fold in the Cacao Powder, Chocolate Super Collagen, and salt
  3. (Optional) Stir in Liquid Stevia & Fold in Walnuts
  4. Evenly spread the fudge into an 8×8 pan & refrigerate or put in the freezer until firm.
  5. Cut evenly into squares & Enjoy!

Tip : Add a Topping!  Some ideas that we like: Sea Salt Flakes, Cream Cheese Swirl, Additional Nuts, Raspberries, Nut Butter Swirl, Etc! 

Macros (makes 30 squares)

  • 74 Calories

  • 6.7g Fat

  • 0.8g Net Carbs

  • 2.7g Protein

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