7 Natural Home Remedies To Help You Feel Better

What can you do when you’re feeling under the weather or just not quite up to par? Perhaps you feel an illness starting or maybe you’re just worn out and fatigued. What things can you do to boost your immune system and feel better? There are several things that are easy and very effective! We will look at 7 natural home remedies to help you feel better, no matter what it is that’s got you feeling down and out.

1. Hydration – make sure that you are staying hydrated. Get enough water every day and you will likely notice a huge difference in your energy and overall well-being. It is recommended that you drink half of your body weight in ounces of water each day. For example, if you weigh 150 pounds, you will want to drink 75 ounces of water, more if you are physically active or have a physically demanding job. Water alone often isn’t enough. Part of proper hydration has to do with electrolytes. They are necessary to aid in nutrient absorption and overall health of your body. It isn’t easy to find all the electrolytes you need in your diet, so supplements are a great option. Top Notch Nutrition Hydrate is an excellent choice for electrolyte supplementation. It contains sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium which are all necessary electrolytes. It also has Vitamin C, BCAAs (branch chain amino acids), L-Glutamine and coconut water powder. As an all-natural product with no sugar, this is really a great choice when it comes to keeping your body hydrated.

2. Bone Broth –there are so many advantages to bone broth. It promotes probiotic growth and prevents inflammation. It is made by simply cooking soup bones with vegetables and seasonings for 12-24 hours. You can find a great recipe, here. Essentially, bone broth is stock that is thicker due to the collagen that comes out of the animal bones during the long simmer process. Collagen is great to consume for gut health. The intestinal lining is made up of connective tissues which contain collagen. As your body ages, your collagen production decreases so adding it to your diet is incredibly beneficial. Bone broth is perfect for sipping or adding to soups or stews.

3. Herbal teas – this is easy at home remedy that has been around for thousands of years. Scientists have found definite evidence of the health-promoting properties of herbal teas. For example, chamomile tea is calming, peppermint tea aids in digestion, ginger tea helps fight inflammation and boosts the immune system, hibiscus tea is antiviral, echinacea tea fights off viruses and bacteria, rose hip tea is high in Vitamin C… the list of herbal teas and their benefits is endless! Homemade lemon ginger is a favorite of ours, and it’s easy to make: boil water and remove from heat, cut lemon and ginger into slices then add to hot water, steep for approximately 10 minutes, strain, pour tea into a mug and enjoy!

4. Epsom salt baths – the chemical name for Epsom salt is magnesium sulfate. When this salt is put into warm bath water, it dissolves and then the skin can easily absorb the magnesium and the sulfates. This process is known to help with aches and pains in the body. Epsom salt baths can be very relaxing and comforting to the body and mind. You’ll likely recognize that magnesium is an electrolyte, which is necessary for many functions in the body – including nerve function, muscle function, and immune system health. Taking an Epsom salt bath can increase the magnesium in your body, and therefore, help you feel better overall.

5. Essential oils – can be used aromatically (diffusing) and/or applied topically. They are very powerful in both mood and body support. Citrus oils (orange, lemon, lime, etc.) are very awakening to the body and uplifting to your mood. These oils are also cleansing and will purify the air when diffusing. Another example of how essential oils can help is peppermint oil. It is known to promote healthy digestion and can be applied with a carrier oil (fractionated coconut oil, jojoba oil, etc.) across the abdomen to alleviate stomach discomfort. Another idea is to add lavender to an Epsom salt bath as described above to promote relaxation and sleep. There are so many options when it comes to essential oils, and the many ways they can help you feel better.

6. Vitamin C – if you start to feel sick or perhaps it’s the time of year when there happen to be more illnesses around you, Vitamin C is a great way to give your immune system a little boost. Your body cannot produce its own Vitamin C, so you need to be consuming it from either your diet or supplementation. It is an antioxidant and is incredibly important to your immune system. As we mentioned above, Hydrate contains Vitamin C and is one of the best choices for supplementing this important vitamin. Vitamin C in Hydrate comes from organic oranges and is a no sugar, low-calorie option.

7. Rest, rest, and more rest! - If you are feeling under the weather, sleep is vital to your recovery. Your body needs time to repair, and the rest is definitely necessary. Also, if you get adequate sleep, your nutrition is more likely to stay on point – which will help you feel better, overall. For most people, the recommended amount of sleep falls somewhere between 7 and 9 hours each night. Rest plays a huge role in feeling your best.

These are all things that you can do when you’re feeling under the weather or just not quite 100 percent. It is important to recognize why you’re not feeling your best, and then take action steps to aid your body back to good health. All the things mentioned here are pretty easy and very effective! Remember these 7 natural home remedies to help you feel better: hydration, bone broth, herbal teas, Epsom salt baths, essential oils, Vitamin C and lots of rest!

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