6 foods to avoid if you want clear skin

Skin health doesn’t rely solely on one source. It is dependent on what the skin encounters externally and what’s going on internally. External factors  include the environment, ultraviolet exposure, lotions, sunscreens, makeup, etc. Internal factors include gut health, hormones, hydration, etc.There are so many things that we meet that can be harsh to the skin, but it is important to know that skin health also comes from the inside out. What’s going on inside of the body is often reflected by the condition of the skin. On some level, dryness, redness, acne, itching, eczema, etc. can all be a result of what happens internally. This stems directly from the diet and nutrition provided to the body. In this article, you will find 6 foods to avoid if you want clear skin.

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1. Dairy– breakouts in the skin occur when pores are blocked, and this is often called acne. This includes blackheads, whiteheads, and cysts. They are a result of dead skin cells and bacteria clogging the pores in the skin. There are studies that show a link between this occurrence in skin health and dairy consumption. One theory is that most milk consumed today comes from cows that received artificial hormone treatments. This then causes a problem with hormones in humans once milk is consumed. It is also possible that some people have a reaction to the sugar (known as lactose) in dairy. If you think that your skin reacts to dairy, try eliminating it from your diet, and see if you find relief from acne or skin irritations.

2. Sugar – acne can also be caused by sugar consumption. Increased blood sugar levels can be a precursor to inflammation. Increased inflammation can lead to skin conditions like eczema. Inflammation also affects hormones in the body. A diet that contains a lot of sugar can also disrupt some of the processes regulated by the hormone estrogen. It is suggested to avoid sugar as much as possible to eliminate potential triggers and to promote clear skin.We also recommend that you increase consumption of the following: anti-inflammatory foods which includes fatty fish, those containing probiotics, and foods high in quercetin to support your body in having clear skin.

3. Alcohol – there are several ways that alcohol can cause issues with your skin. It is known to:

  • Suppress the immune system – the immune system prevents infections including those in the skin!
  • Impact hormone levels – this can cause an increase in oil production in the body, which can in turn cause clogged pores and skin irritations.
  • Cause inflammation – which we discussed above, nothing good comes from inflammation and alcohol is known to be inflammatory.
  • Act as a diuretic – this means urine production increases and flushes out water and salt. This will dehydrate the skin. We suggest using Top Notch Nutrition’s Hydrate to keep the skin (and the rest of the body!) hydrated. It is a great product to balance electrolytes which balances fluid between inside and outside the cells, keeping skin from getting dehydrated.

4. Artificial Ingredients – there are so many reasons to avoid artificial ingredients, but one that may be overlooked is having clear skin. Food dyes have been shown to cause skin irritations. People that have allergies to food dyes usually see it in the form of red or itchy skin. The body is not meant to break down all the artificial ingredients that we find in our food today. This ends up wreaking havoc on the digestive system, which can create problems with skin health. As we mentioned earlier, what goes on inside the body often shows up in the skin.

5. Fried Foods – these foods are usually fried in cheap, low quality oils such as canola, corn, peanut, grapeseed, etc. They are processed and extracted in such a way that almost any possible benefits are completely stripped from the oil. These oils are also known to cause inflammation in the body. They are often very overused; think about how many orders of food go through the fryer before the oil is changed! It gets heated over and over which is not good for the fatty acids in most oils and can become very problematic in your body – including causing inflammation.

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6. High Amounts of Caffeine–similarly to artificial ingredients, caffeine can cause allergies for some people. It can also cause problems with the digestive system which can impact the skin as we mentioned above. The body responds to caffeine in a comparable way to alcohol in the fact that it is dehydrating. Being dehydrated allows for toxin build up to occur in the body and the body turns them toward the skin to flush them out. This causes irritations and acne.

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We suggest that you supplement collagen protein and eat healthy fats to promote a clear complexion. Collagen is a protein that helps reduce wrinkles and sagging skin. As we age, collagen production in the body declines which means it is important to supplement collagen. Healthy fats provide nourishment to improve softness and reduce dry skin. The skin cells are produced within the body and when ready, are are pushed to the surface. This means, that what happens in the body is incredibly important to producing healthy skin cells. Top Notch Nutrition’s Super Collagen Protein has both collagen and healthy fats! It is a great supplement for skin health since it has a tri-fat blend and marine collagen peptides!

Skin health depends on not only what the skin encounters, but also what’s going on inside the body. When it comes to skin health, these two worlds (external and internal) collide. Problems with skin health (dryness, redness, acne, itching, eczema, etc.) can be an indicator that there are problems inside the body. The overall health of the body (including the skin) is strongly connected to its diet and nutrition. If you are experiencing skin issues, we invite you to look at this list of 6 foods to avoid if you want clear skin and experiment with removing some of them.

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