5 Ways to Naturally Detox Your Body 

The topic of detoxing your body has been much more mainstream as of late, but the idea has been around for many years. Have you ever thought about how many harmful things your body encounters, daily? What can you do to battle this and keep your body functioning at its best? You might be wondering what exactly detoxing is and how you can do it safely and naturally. To put it simply, detoxing is simply removing what your body doesn’t need. Here, we will look at 5 ways to naturally detox your body. If you are familiar with detoxing, some of these might be no brainers! Have you thought about the health of your entire body when it comes to detoxing? Some of these detox ideas go beyond just what you eat and drink. Let’s dig in!

1. Hydration – make sure that you are drinking plenty of water! Water helps flush out the toxins that breakdown in your body. Drinking lemon water is particularly helpful to detox. Lemon aids in digestion, contains flavonoids which have antioxidant properties, and is a good source of vitamin C. Simply add real lemon juice or 1 drop of lemon essential oil (make sure it’s supplement grade) to 8 ounces of water to drink each morning. Remember, hydration isn’t just about water intake, but also about balancing the fluid inside and outside of your cells. Electrolytes are necessary for this balance to happen, so make sure you are supplementing if you are not getting enough in your diet. Our electrolyte supplement, Hydrate, is the perfect choice for making sure you stay hydrated.

2. Nutrition – it is incredibly important to eat mostly fresh and clean foods. We highly suggest organic leafy green veggies such as kale, spinach, celery, etc. They contain important nutrients and are full of fiber. Clean nutrition with fresh foods supports your gut health and reduces inflammation. Your body has natural detoxification processes. The trick is, that it needs the essential vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, fatty acids, and amino acids for those systems to do what they are designed to do. To put it simply, if your nutrition is lacking, it is impossible for your body to detoxify itself. Imagine being hired for a job and not given the essential tools needed to do the tasks required of you! This is just one reason proper nutrition is so important, so your body has the tools it needs to function properly.

3. Mindfulness –the importance of mindset in detoxing is often overlooked. Detoxing your body includes removing negativity from your life. It’s easier said than done when it comes to eliminating stress. There are many tools to help with mindfulness and creating a positive mindset. First, meditation can be incredibly powerful for slowing down the mind and focusing on the present moment. You can use meditation anywhere at any time to reduce stress and relax. There are apps you can download on your phone for guided meditation if you find yourself struggling with quieting the mind. Journaling can also be helpful for mindfulness. Take a few minutes to write down all your thoughts (often called a “brain dump”) before bed to help you sleep.

Another tool for your toolbox is essential oils. They can provide numerous emotional benefits through aromatherapy. For example, peppermint is uplifting and rejuvenating to the heart and mind. It can be used to relieve stress and pain. You can also find joy and a zest for life in adding peppermint to your routine! There are, of course, many other oils with countless benefits for the mind and body. Looking inward to lower stress is often overlooked, but it is so powerful to detox your life of negativity.

4. Move your body – getting your body moving, especially if you are mostly sedentary, plays a role in detoxing. Take a walk, ride a bike, do something that gets your blood flowing and makes you sweat a little bit. Exercising regularly can help the lungs and kidneys eliminate the things that your body doesn’t need. Sweating is a process that cools the body down, it is made up of mostly water, and naturally eliminates toxins from the body. When it comes to moving your body, if possible, get out into nature and find a little bit of sunshine every day. Taking a few minutes to get out into fresh air, connecting your body with the natural environment and getting Vitamin D can all add up when naturally detoxing your body.

5. Baths and body brushing – a hot bath can aid in healing and releasing stress. Heat from the bath can induce hyperthermia, which is actually using heat to heal. Epsom salts and essential oils can aid in detoxing your body while bathing. Body brushing is another full-body detox tool, and the best time to brush is right before the bath or shower. You will want to use a soft-bristle brush and begin with your feet and arms. Then continue the brushing process over your body towards your heart. This method of brushing is known to stimulate the lymphatic system which is the network of vessels through which lymph drains from the tissues into the blood. This system touches nearly every part of the body, and its main function is to cleanse toxins and protect against harmful invaders. Both tools can aid in naturally detoxing your body.


Eating healthy, exercising, staying hydrated, detox baths,and being mindful all promote a healthy lifestyle. They all play a role in detoxing, because they help your body do what it is meant to do!  If you are looking to naturally detox your body, we highly suggest trying out some of these methods. Start with one at a time for a few weeks and see how your body responds. You will find, over time, that incorporating all of them will give you great results. We believe that once you utilize these detoxing methods, you will find comfort knowing you are helping your body function at its best!

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