5 Tips to get your body summer ready

Spring is the time of year where we all begin to think about the New Year’s resolutions we set, how far we’ve come, and if we’re ready for summer. Maybe, you are frustrated with a weight loss stall you’re experiencing.  Or, perhaps you are excited that there is just enough time to still work hard and reach your goals. Regardless of which end of this spectrum you fall on (or maybe you’re somewhere in the middle!) we want to share 5 tips to getting your body summer ready.

1. Move Daily – Being sedentary can prevent weight loss from occurring. We suggest that for every hour you are sitting at a desk or in a car, you get up and move for 10 minutes. Just take a short walk to break up your time behind the wheel or a screen. We also suggest that you find time every day to get your body moving. Your body burns more calories and builds muscle when you take part in physical activity. When you exercise, your metabolism boosts, which gives your body additional energy when at rest. All these things benefit the body in so many ways and are sure to help in weight loss and muscle building efforts, which helps you feel more “summer ready.”

2. Introduce a Thermogenic to Your Daily Routine –It can be frustrating when you work hard and hit a plateau or feeling like your results are stalled.  A thermogenic supplement can give your metabolism a boost along with increasing energy and lowering stress levels. If you want to give this a try we suggest Top Notch Burn. This product also works as a fat burner and suppresses appetite. Another advantage to Top Notch Burn is that it includes ashwagandha. This is known to aid in lowering cortisol and inflammation levels. This is so important particularly when it comes to trying to lose weight! The main benefits of Top Notch Burn include boosting metabolism (burn more calories), thermogenic (heat up your core), suppress appetite (beat cravings), reduce stress (stress = weight gain), burn fat (break weight loss plateaus). It does all these things without the high levels of caffeine that can be found in other products.

3. Set Realistic Goals– one of the most frustrating things is to set a goal and not reach it. This can happen very easily if you set goals that aren’t realistic. Let’s say you set a goal to lose 30 pounds within a month… is it realistic? Not really, as you would have to lose at least 7 pounds per week. This level of weight loss (which is usually mostly water weight) can happen, at the beginning of any major change in diet or exercise, but it is not likely as time goes on. It is also not healthy to try and lose that much weight that quickly. You would have to eat fewer calories (by a lot!) and/or exercise (a lot!) to burn more calories and make that kind of weight loss happen. Extreme weight loss attempts put a ton of stress on your body and can even backfire because of it! A more realistic goal may be to lose 10 pounds in a month. At 2.5 pounds per week, the body can adapt to small changes in caloric consumption and/or burning and you will likely have more success. Be realistic and set goals that keep your body healthy.

4. Don’t be so Restrictive, Eat Mindfully – a great tip when it comes to being “summer ready” is to be mindful of what you eat and not restrict yourself so much. The idea that “I can’t have that” makes sticking to any plan very hard. It makes you want those things even more. We suggest finding foods that you enjoy and can eat without feeling guilty of going off your plan. There are great alternatives to some of the crunchy, salty, sweet things that so many of us crave. See Live Top Notch for some ideas! Here are a few recommendations when it comes to being mindful:

  • Choose non-starchy vegetables or protein for snacks as they will keep you full longer.  Snacks can help keep us full between meals but choosing the wrong kind (sugar and carb-loaded) will often lead to overeating and halt weight loss.
  • Choose whole food free from artificial ingredients.  Processed foods contain many things that make it hard for the body to digest and this can lead to bloating, inflammation and stall weight loss efforts.
  • Eat without distraction, be mindful. Eating in front of the TV or phone makes us miss signals from the body that we are full. Eat mindfully, enjoy your food and its flavors… then stop when the body says it’s full.

5. We suggest that you eat whole foods with no processing, fillers, or fake ingredients. Choosing the right products can help you create a sustainable diet that is more likely to produce results. Also staying hydrated is imperative. Proper hydration allows the body to absorb nutrients from food. For this to happen, the body must have a good balance of electrolytes. There are many electrolyte supplements that can increase your electrolyte intake. If you are thinking of trying an electrolyte supplement, Top Notch Hydrate is naturally flavored and sweetened without any sugar or carbohydrates. Proper hydration will help your body put all the nutrients to use!

being summer ready

If you’re finding yourself stalled out or maybe hopping back on track, try to get some movement in each day, eat mindfully and set realistic goals. If you’re thinking about supplementing, a thermogenic and/or electrolyte supplement might give the body just what it needs to have better results. If you think about summer and you feel like you’re not quite where you’d like to be, we invite you to try out any of these 5 tips to getting your bod summer ready.

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