5 reasons why men's testosterone levels are plummeting

There are so many things that impact hormone balances today. An imbalance of hormones can create a multitude of problems, so it is wise to be aware of the things you can do to create balance. We understand that it can feel overwhelming to understand it all sometimes… but we believe that with a little research and education, you can make easy changes to improve these balances and ultimately feel better!

Here, we are going to spend some time talking about testosterone. Testosterone is a hormone that is common in higher levels in men but also exists for women in a small amount.The highest time of testosterone production is usually puberty into the 30s, then, it starts to decline a little bit. What does testosterone do? Primarily, it is related to sex drive and production of sperm. It is also known to affect weight management, muscle mass, hair growth and mood!

5 reasons why men's testosterone levels are plummeting

1. Poor Diet – like any hormone, testosterone is impacted by your diet. The artificial ingredients and high levels of carbohydrates in a lot of foods today can wreak havoc on the digestive and immune systems as the body tries to process it. The endocrine system is responsible for producing hormones in the body. Getting the right nutrients can help maintain a healthy endocrine system. Finding a diet with a lot of nutrients will help balance hormones.


2. Less Muscle Mass –  muscle is built by testosterone and on the other hand, fat is created when testosterone levels are low. So, less testosterone production will increase fat and lower muscle in the body. Exercise that includes strength training and aerobic exercise will lessen the risk of muscle wasting and help the body maintain muscle mass. This is one way to balance testosterone and prevent the body from converting muscle into fat.

Less Muscle Mass

3. Less Activity and Exercise – studies have shown that low levels of testosterone are linked to obesity and pre-diabetes. A lifestyle that is mostly sedentary will increase the risk of both obesity and diabetes amongst other health conditions. Being physically active can help maintain a healthy weight which can lower the risk of decreased testosterone levels.

Less Activity and Exercise

4. Chronic Stress – again, just about every hormone is bothered by stress. The body is in “fight or flight” mode when it’s under a lot of tension. Chronic stress including irregular sleep and skipping meals can hinder the balance of hormones in the body.

worried man

5. Toxic Chemicals Around You – the body is bombarded by toxins, today. Things from the cleaning products we use in our homes to health and beauty supplies we apply to our skin contain chemicals that disrupt hormones. Over time, it becomes impossible for the body to rid itself of the toxins that build up, and hormone levels become imbalanced.

Some common symptoms of low testosterone include infertility, decreased sex drive, low energy, erectile dysfunction, low muscle mass, hair loss, and decreased bone mass.

how to maximize testosterone levels

1. Maintain Healthy Weight – this has a ton of health benefits in general… you will feel better, be able to move your body, lower risks of serious health conditions, the list could go on and on. When it comes to hormones, specifically testosterone, being at a healthy weight can help balance its production. Also studies show that low testosterone and diabetes are connected. Maintaining a healthy weight lessens the risk of not only diabetes but also low testosterone levels so that’s a win-win!

Maintain Healthy Weight

2. Exercise Regularly – after exercise testosterone levels increase. Resistance exercises are most known for increasing production of this hormone. As mentioned, low testosterone decreases sex drive and affects mood. Exercising can aid in improving your mood because of the chemicals released during physical activity. You might not feel like working out, but once you finish, often you feel much better!

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3. Eat More Fat – it is suggested to incorporate healthy fats into your diet. Doing so will help the hormone health of the body thrive. Examples of healthy fats include olive oil, avocados and avocado oil, coconut oil, medium-chain triglycerides, salmon, nuts, and tuna. You can easily add some healthy fats to your meal by roasting vegetables with avocado oil or using olive oil to make a dressing for salad. Healthy fats promote good heart health, good cholesterol, and they can help stabilize blood sugar levels and insulin in the body. As mentioned, when we talked about healthy weight, lowering the risk of diabetes lessens the chances of low testosterone as they are connected.

fatty food

4. Reduce or Eliminate Alcohol Consumption – alcohol is known for disrupting hormones in the body. Alcohol can be the source of poor sleep quality, which also influences hormones. These are just a few reasons that testosterone is not safe from the impacts of alcohol on the body.  We’ve already discussed that testosterone is responsible for fat burning and muscle building, which are metabolic processes. When testosterone is low, men are at risk of metabolic syndrome which can induce a plethora of other problems including high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and more.

Reduce or Eliminate Alcohol Consumption

5. Reduce Stress – we touched on chronic stress above and how it effects the body when it comes to hormone balances. Anything you can do to minimize stress will be an overall health benefit. You will likely be in a better mood if you take some time away from all your day-to-day obligations and go for a walk, meditate, do yoga, journal, use essential oils, anything to provide a little self-care and reduce stress.


Hormones are imbalanced by so many things in our lives. These imbalances are responsible for a lot of problems we face in the body. If you understand the things you can do and the things to avoid you can help maintain balance. Here, we’ve talked about testosterone. Testosterone is related to sex drive and production of sperm. It is also known to affect weight management, muscle mass and mood! In discussing 5 reasons why men’s testosterone levels are plummeting, we hope we’ve given you some insight of what you can do if you are facing low testosterone levels.

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