3 signs of brain aging

Have you wondered how the brain ages as you get older? Is it possible to slow down the process? What can you do to keep your mind sharp? The brain is interconnected to the rest of the body via trillions of synapses. It contains approximately a billion neurons that are ultimately responsible for every thought and action you make. It is the source of all communication in your body. As your brain ages, certain tasks can become more difficult to accomplish. In this article, we will explore 3 signs of brain aging and discuss nootropic supplements to aid in brain health.

how does the brain age?

As you age, certain parts of your brain are affected. For example, the brain shrinks as you age. This shrinkage, specifically in the frontal lobe, can impact higher cognitive thinking and processing new memories. The neurotransmitter systems also change with aging. There are studies that show that as you age, the brain generates fewer chemical messengers. This may contribute to declining cognitive function and memory. Another thing that is changed with age is myelin. It is a mixture of proteins and phospholipids that forms a sheath around many nerve fibers, including those in the brain. Aging causes myelin to shrink and this can slow cognitive function and processing. These are just a few of the ways that your brain ages as you grow older.

3 signs of brain aging

1. Mood and personality changes – as the brain ages, the frontal lobe and amygdala can change. The amygdala is involved with experiencing emotions. Some people will note “feeling down” for no apparent reason. Others will be more apathetic and show no concern or enthusiasm. They may become passive and not show interest in what others do. It is possible that with these mood changes, they could also begin to experience depression.

2. Memory Loss – there is short-term memory loss and long-term memory loss. Most people think of Alzheimer’s disease when it comes to short-term memory loss. This type of memory loss is often noted when people ask the same questions, don’t recall the day’s events, don’t remember instructions, etc. Other forms of dementia include long-term memory loss. This type of memory loss is often noted when people “lose” years or decades of time.

A precursor to these more serious memory loss symptoms is the inability to recall names, especially of those close to you, and commonly used words. This occurs when the part of the brain that controls language is affected by the aging process. This precursor can be a sign of Alzheimer’s or other neurodegenerative disorders.

3. Problems with Focus and Attention – your aging brain may contribute to the inability to concentrate or focus. You may read something and not recall what you read. You might have trouble paying attention to what is happening around you. These are signs of decreased cognitive ability.

Some other symptoms of brain aging include problems with balance, difficulties driving, loss of sense of smell, and trouble hearing. If you or a loved one are experiencing any of these symptoms, we recommend discussing them with your doctor.

supplementing for improved brain health

Nootropic supplements, often called brain enhancers, are beneficial to brain health. They can aid cognitive function, alertness and boost memory, motivation, and creativity. We always recommend that you do your research before choosing a supplement and talk to your doctor, especially if you have other health concerns.

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The brain is responsible for all the communication that happens in your body and as it ages, some of these processes are affected. Amongst other signs, recall that 3 signs of brain aging include: mood and personality changes, memory loss and trouble with focus and attention. As your brain ages, you may notice difficulties with certain tasks. One way that you can improve cognitive function is to use a nootropic supplement. We suggest watching out for harmful or artificial ingredients in any supplement that you consume. Your brain health is very important! It can influence every other part of your body.

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